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McDer­motts Coach­es pride them self in pro­vid­ing qual­i­ty ser­vice and vehi­cles across all aspects of our busi­ness and our School Bus and School Char­ter ser­vices are no exception. 

McDermott’s have con­tin­ued to invest and upgrade in its school fleet, with an empha­sis on safe­ty and quality.

School Coach Trips

2628-1 - AM

Bridgenorth - Riverside (Ecclestone Road)

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2629-2 - PM

Exeter - Gravelly Beach

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2627-2 - PM

Exeter - Notley Hills via Bridgenorth

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2629-1 - AM

Gravelly Beach - Exeter

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2627-1 - AM

Notley Hills - Exeter via Bridgenorth

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2628-2 - PM

Riverside (Ecclestone Road) - Bridgenorth

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