Pub­lic Tours Terms & Conditions

  • All pas­sen­gers and staff trav­el­ling with McDer­motts Coach­es over the age of 12 years, must be ful­ly vac­ci­nat­ed with an approved Covid 19 vaccination. 
  • Masks are cur­rent­ly manda­to­ry and must be worn by all pas­sen­gers for the dura­tion of the tour and all indoor facil­i­ties with­in Tas­ma­nia which includes the coach or cir­cum­stances where your pas­sen­gers are unable to social­ly distance. 

1. Fares

  • Fares are in Aus­tralian dol­lars, include GST (Goods and Ser­vices Tax) and are sub­ject to change with­out notice.

2. Chil­dren

  • Chil­dren aged 4 years and up to 14 years
  • Chil­dren aged 4 – 7 trav­el­ling on a Pub­lic Day Tour must be seat­ed in an allo­cat­ed seat and wear a seat belt. 

3. Cour­tesy Hotel Pick Ups

  • Pas­sen­gers must be ready to depart 5 min­utes pri­or to the spec­i­fied depar­ture time as coach can­not wait or return for late pas­sen­gers due to scheduling.
  • Please wait in recep­tion or out­side hotel 5 min­utes pri­or to pick up time.
  • Pick up times may vary depend­ing on traffic.

4. Can­cel­la­tion Policy

  • A 100% can­cel­la­tion fee applies for tours can­celled with­in 24 hours of depar­ture. How­ev­er, if notice of can­cel­la­tion is giv­en and the tour is re-booked there is no charge.
  • A can­cel­la­tion fee of 10% applies for a tour can­celled out­side 24 hours of travel. 

5. Gen­er­al

  • Tas­man­ian State Law require all pas­sen­gers to wear seat belts in all vehicles. 
  • Route changes, post­pone­ment, can­cel­la­tion, or delay — inclement weath­er action from time to time and due to vary­ing cir­cum­stances, McDer­motts reserves the right to change routes, time, date, can­cel or delay the departure.

6. Hik­ing Tours 

  • Hik­ing Tours do require that you must be in good health to par­tic­i­pate in this activ­i­ty. McDer­mot­t’s will take all care to ensure that you as the par­tic­i­pants under­stand the tour how­ev­er you must declare to McDer­mot­t’s that you are in good health and able to par­tic­i­pate in the activity. 
  • Appro­pri­ate cloth­ing, footwear, and wet weath­er cloth­ing for the weath­er con­di­tions at the time of the tour are nec­es­sary. It is your respon­si­bil­i­ty to ensure that you abide by this pri­or to the tour commencing. 

7. Trav­el Insurance 

  • Trav­el insur­ance is recommended 

8. Indemnity/​Limitation of Liability

  • McDer­mot­t’s Coach­es has no lia­bil­i­ty for any act, omis­sion, or default, whether neg­li­gent or oth­er­wise of any des­ti­na­tion or third party. 
  • McDer­motts Coach­es will not be liable for loss or dam­ages aris­ing out of the delay in depar­ture or delay of services.
  • McDer­mot­t’s Coach­es will not be held liable for loss or dam­age to any lost prop­er­ty which has been lost dur­ing the dura­tion of the charter. 

COVID-19 Dis­clo­sure & Disclaimer

McDer­mot­t’s have devel­oped a Covid-19 Safe­ty Plan under the guide­lines of Work­safe Tas­ma­nia and to this extent, McDer­mot­t’s will be fol­low­ing the Tas­man­ian Gov­ern­ment Pub­lic Health Direc­tion in rela­tion to reg­u­la­tions sur­round­ing com­mer­cial trans­port trav­el. Copies of our Work­safe Plan can be seen on request and all tour pas­sen­gers will be advised with regards the details of the Covid-19 Safe­ty Plan upon com­mence­ment of each tour.

We ask that you do not trav­el if you are unwell or expe­ri­enc­ing symp­toms of COVID-19, have had close con­tract or helped care for any per­son with COVID-19, have recent­ly arrived from over­seas or have been asked to quar­an­tine in the past 14 days. You will be asked to sign a Pas­sen­ger Health Ques­tion­naire on the tour depar­ture day to con­firm these details. 

We ask that by accept­ing our terms and con­di­tions when book­ing, you acknowl­edge and agree that McDer­mot­t’s Coach­es have devel­oped a suit­able work­place safe­ty plan around Covid-19 and there­fore will do every­thing pos­si­ble to mit­i­gate any risk, and that you agree that McDer­mot­t’s Coach­es will not be liable for the unin­ten­tion­al expo­sure or harm due to the Coro­n­avirus (COVID-19).